Abiding Life Courses

In order that we may continue to grow in our understanding and experience in our union with Christ, Crossways to Life has developed a series of courses/conferences entitled Abiding Life Courses. These short courses, generally a five week course or weekend conference, provide a practical understanding of how to experience Jesus living His life in and through us are very effective follow up conferences to the Grace Life Conference.

The Abiding Life Courses we currently offer include:

Romans 5-8 - A Verse by Verse Study

The book of Romans is possibly the most important book of the Bible to aid the Christian’s understanding of salvation, God’s love and how we are to live today. This course examines chapters 5 thru 8, the heart of the book, verse by verse to help you understand what it means to have the life of Christ and how to live from it.

Galatians - a Verse by Verse study

The book of Galatians is the Apostles Paul's strongest and clearest defense of the New Covenant and the freedom the believer has from the Old. This course will lead the participant into and understanding what we have been freed from in order to be freed to through a gospel that is based on Jesus plus nothing.

Hebrews - Jesus is Better

The central theme of the letter to the Hebrews is that Jesus is better than anything else we may trust in. He is better than the prophets of old, better than the angels and brings with Him a better covenant.

This two part series covers the entire book, including the five warnings from the letter's author, to lead the participant into an understanding that Jesus is better, so let us live by faith in Him.

Accepted in the Beloved: A Women's Study on Love and Acceptance

Taught using Biblical accounts and personal stories from the teacher's own journey, this course for women will help participants discover the love and acceptance of our Heavenly Father towards us. It is this love that allows for a proper self-image and the ability to love others as we love ourselves.

These courses are available to be taught in a conference in churches or as a weekly course. These courses are particularly effective as a follow-up course/conference to the Grace Life Conference.

For more information on how you can host an Abiding Life Course, please contact our office.