Let's play a game

Let's play a game.

I am going to ask you a question and I want you to answer it as quickly as possible. (Don't worry it's not a skill testing question nor does it involve any math!)

Ready? Here it is...

"Where is Jesus right now?"

So how did you answer?

Did you say heaven? Maybe you recalled Ephesians 1:20 and said He is seated at the right hand of the Father? Did you picture Him on a throne? Maybe you played it safe and said "everywhere" because He is omnipresent after all.

I asked the question because I believe how we think about where Jesus is, impacts how we live.

All of the above answers are true and Biblical (and I don't think there is any one 'right' answer to this question) but all those answers are very impersonal to me. Don't get me wrong, it is all great and wonderful truth, but it doesn't cause my soul to get very excited because it doesn't help me very much when it comes to finding victory in the difficulties of everyday life.

But there is an answer that does stir my soul and gets me really excited. For at this very moment and for all eternity, Jesus is IN me! And if you have accepted His gift of salvation by faith then He is, at this moment and for all of eternity, IN you!!! (John 14:23)

And the reason He decided to make His home in us was not just to keep us company or because we provide a nice vacation home. Instead, Jesus came to live IN us, to actually LIVE in and through us. That means I no longer have to handle life doing the best I can, instead I can live FROM the infinite power, strength and love that is in Jesus. This is what Paul meant in Galatians 2:20 where he said, "it is no longer I who lives, but Christ who lives in me."

If your thinking tends to be of a Jesus who is way off in heaven (wherever that is) then you may feel very much alone in your problems and your prayers may tend to be ones asking Jesus to come and help you. And then you will tend to struggle and fight your way through just hoping for the day to end. (At least that's how I feel when I try and go it alone.)

But if you regularly mediate on the fact that Jesus is at that very moment IN you to live THROUGH you, then it is no longer Ross who needs to deal with the problem, but Christ in Ross. And since there is nothing that can overwhelm Christ, in all things you will overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved you (Romans 8:37).

I am hoping that you will trust in His power and grace today.

In Christ who is our Life,


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