FAQ's About Christian Counseling

Individuals who contact Crossways to Life for counselling have common questions. In order to best serve you, we have compiled the following frequently asked questions and answers.

What type of counseling will I receive?

We prefer to use to the term Christ-centered counseling rather than Christian counseling to describe what we do. For the counseling we offer is not merely pyschotherapy that happens to be led by a Christian. Instead, we employ a method of counseling that utilizes spiritual and Biblical counseling principles to help understand how Jesus and the good news of the gospel will help you find freedom, contentment and life. For we believe the Jesus is our answer.

In this kind of counseling, the Holy Spirit, not the counsellor, is the ultimate therapist and healer. God becomes the agent of change, provided the counselee cooperates with Him. Our goal is to convey a way of freedom from mental and emotional symptoms, family and marital conflict, as well as other difficulties, utilizing exchanged life principles.

The counselors of Crossways to Life are ordained pastors and are not psychotherapists.

How much does each counseling session cost?

The financial policy of Crossways to Life is a faith ministry and therefore all teaching we provide is based totally and completely on the Word of God since it leads us to the real Counselor, Jesus Christ, who is our Saviour.

Receiving instruction in God's Word should never become dependent upon an individual's ability to pay for what they receive. Yet there is clear Biblical instruction that those who have been ministered to in a spiritual way have a financial responsibility to help in the support of those who teach the Word of God (see Galatians 6:6).

For this reason, it is our view and policy that the person coming for discipling should contribute financially towards the ministry of Crossways to Life operates on a donation basis. These funds are used to help pay for the expenses of the ministry. The financial policy will be discussed in more detail during the first appointment.

Does Crossways to Life provide emergency crisis care?

We are not equipped for emergency crisis care. The traditional recommendations for suicidal clients involve psychiatric/psychological care and/or inpatient help. Whereas we can sometimes help people in this area by sharing spiritual truths, our type of counselling can take time that people needing emergency care cannot afford. Our advice in emergency situations is to dial 911 and seek help from medically trained professionals. After the emergency has been handled, please call us at our office for further consultation at 519-742-1900.

How long do sessions normally last?

Counseling sessions are typically up to 90 minutes in length. We offer various time slots during the work week Monday to Friday.

Will I experience discomfort? What are some of the feelings I can expect?

Certainly we will seek to deal with your problems as gently as possible. However, we cannot guarantee a series of counseling sessions free of emotional discomfort. This is due to the work of the Holy Spirit in confronting problem areas in your life. There may well be "spiritual tension" when the root problem is confronted. It is best to come with an attitude that says, "Lord, teach me what you want me to learn about myself and I will not hide from what you reveal to me."

What about homework?

Since the real Counselor is Jesus Christ, it is our desire that the counselee will experience healing from Him both in and out of the counseling office.

For this reason a variety of assignments, reading, listening to a CD, watching a video and other research, will be given to lead you to God's truth about your life in Christ. It is our strong recommendation homework will be completed prior to each session for maximum benefit.

What if I am unable to keep my appointment?

If an appointment cannot be kept for any reason please contact the office at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. This will allow us to potentially meet with someone else who is in need of help during that time.

What if I am presently seeing someone else for counseling?

Be sure to discuss this with your counsellor at the first appointment. We have seen that when receiving opposing counsel the individual tends to become more confused rather than reaching healing.

What about confidentiality?

Our staff has great respect for those who seek help. Therefore, the confidentiality of your visits and of your discussion with us will be kept confidential, but there are two important exceptions you should know about: 1) we are required to notify relevant others if a client expresses an intention to harm self or others, and 2) we are also obligated by law to report any instance of child abuse, neglect or molestation.

Please feel free to discuss any questions at all that you may have with your counsellor at any time.

If you still have questions that are unanswered, please contact our office.