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Yesterday our government released the details of the federal budget. And like the Ontario government earlier this week and every other government and business in the world, they hope to be able to save money through finding greater operational efficiency. Meaning, they hope to be able to do more for less simply by doing things better and smarter.

That got me thinking about how God works in His kingdom and I have noticed a rather large inefficiency in the New Covenant economy of grace. So, if God had a suggestion box somewhere in Heaven I think I might drop this one in.

My guess is you are probably thinking about the old joke that would aptly apply here, "Want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans." Or in this case, "...give Him some advice." But hear me out because I am sure you have seen the same inefficiency, namely US!

Haven't you wished at times that God would just DO something? That He Himself would show up in person and speak to someone or help them in a time of need. But instead of that happening, you get the sense deep down that Father has chosen instead to include you in that work? You know inside that He prefers to be that messenger of love, mercy and grace through you - be it by words or deeds.

I see it all the time when I teach and meet with people. I know He is a much better teacher than me (now there is an understatement). But instead of just showing up and teaching the class or helping someone see the glory of His grace Himself, for some crazy reason, He chooses to do it through me as I trust in Him.

And the problem is at times I make mistakes, I confuse the message, I miss the opportunity or sometimes I make things worse. Just talk to my family, they can tell you all about this.

But despite this rather large flaw, God has chosen to work through His church, you and I, with the intent that we would be His ambassadors, His ministers, His vehicles of love, mercy and grace to a world that is in desperate need.

He has chosen to encourage, to strengthen, to heal those who are broken (both outside the church and inside) through people like you and me. And I can't think of anything more inefficient. And yet this is exactly the way He wants it.

The reason is, I believe, is that being efficient is not really at the top of Father's agenda. Instead, He is far more interested in relationships. So at the expense of doing everything perfectly and efficiently, He would rather do it in, through and with us.

But this means the person being ministered to is not the only one to be blessed. Those who chose by faith to enter into the work that Jesus wants to do through them are also greatly blessed as they too have an encounter with Jesus.

And it is this encounter, this intimacy, this personal relationship where we get to know Father and see the face of Jesus. And that is God's goal - that we would really know Him. So in one the act, He can bless many.

I guess His system is far more efficient than I first thought. Once again Father knows best.

In Christ who is our Life,


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