Exchanged Life Advanced Training Testimonies

ELAT has been a perfect tool to accomplish a very important goal of mine. To know Christ. What surprised me is to discover the depth of His love for me. Unconditional and complete love that has changed my relationship with Him. ELAT has also accomplished something I could never do in the past. To love and accept myself. When we realise how valuable and loved we are by God it is hard to continue the self-loathing.

Richard, Cambridge, Ontario

I came to ELAT believing I was going to learn more so I can help other hurting people. Little did I know how much it was going to change me. With a much seeper look at myself and a better understanding of the cross I can understand my position in Christ better. Every month I was taking something big home with me that I learned in class.

Art, London, Ontario

I have been searching for a course like this. It was comprehensive, challenging and well worth the cost. ELAT is for serious growth in the Exchanged Life truths and priceless preparation for ministering to others. The small class setting over a nine-month period can develop bonds of trust and an intimacy never known before. The advanced courses are arranged and presented in a schedule that lends to synchronization. If you don't want to miss anything, it is all here. This is a once in a lifetime experience.

Kim, Ayr, Ontario

God has used ELAT to be a foundation and springboard from which I've grown immensely in both knowledge and experience of walking by grace. It has both challenged and encouraged me, and I will no doubt always refer to what I've learned thru this course for the rest of my life, as I walk alongside other people and also continue on my own journey.

Kim, Kitchener, Ontario

When I started ELAT I had some of my own personal 'goals' - and it didn't take long for me to see that God's plans and 'goals' were much different than mine. During the past nine months this journey has been much more conforming and enlightening than I could have ever imagined. To date this has been the best nine months of my life. ELAT is well worth all the cost and sacrifices involved.

Jacqueline, Elmira, Ontario

ELAT equipped me with the tools I will need to move forward in serving Father in the counselling field. Nothing frees people but Christ in them. I recommend this course to anyone who is serious about serving others and Christ!

John, Cambridge, Ontario

ELAT is the perfect place for anyone who wants deeper reflection and a guided process in their own journey with Jesus and certainly for those wanting to share exchanged life truths.

Bryan, Kitchener, Ontario

The ELAT course has been great! It has been a time of growing personally as I learned more about God and Him in my life. It was a time commitment but well spent. I highly recommend it to anyone longing for Christ more.

Kathy, Elmira, Ontario

I would highly recommend this course for anyone who has a desire to share and grow in the knowledge of this message, and in the knowledge of His Life. This is more than a training course. It is an experience that one will treasure.

Trudy, London, Ontario