Free Audio Resources

Free Audio Resources

We believe that the best way to mature as a Christian is through transforming the way we think, about God, about ourselves and about life in general. And one of the best ways to do that is to continually expose ourselves to the truth of the gospel. The truth shall set you free!

To aid you with this process, we have listed below some audio messages you can listen to for free about various topics related to our union with Christ. We hope you enjoy them and please feel free to share them with your friends.

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Life in the Apartment - A Fresh Understanding of Santification

The invitation to receive Christ for salvation has often been misunderstood as come to Jesus and all your hurts and pains will magically disappear. Instead, it was come to Jesus, receive this incredible transformation and then walk with Jesus as He works out His healing for the past emotional hurts and hangups that have led to so many of our poor choices. This is God's sanctification process that He is working our in our lives.

Through an allegory of life as an apartment, Ross Gilbert explains how God works out His transforming work.

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Do we still tithe under the New Covenant

Talking about money in the context of the church can be a sensitive topic for some since many people have abused it to profit financially from others. But to completlely ignore the topic is not wise since Father has given us some direction in His word.

So what has He said now that we are no longer under law but under grace. What does that mean for the tithe? Do we still tithe now that we live under the New Covenant?

Listen to Ross Gilbert as he explores this hotly debated topic and discover the freedom to live under grace as he explores the history of the tithe and where it fits today..

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God's Consuming Love - Psalm 139

God is all knowing, all powerful and is everywhere. But more than that He is all that to you and me in a very personal way.

This is the major theme of Psalm 139. Listen to Ross Gilbert as he explores this Psalm and God's consuming love for His children.

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Do We Have Two Natures? - Galatians 5:16-18

Our enemy has created a fictitious enemy to draw away our attention and resources, thereby allowing the real enemy to defeat us while our attention is occupied elsewhere.

The heart of this plan is the idea that now that we are saved we are comprised of two natures. One part holy, one part sinful. It is communicated in the illustration that I have commonly heard as there being a good dog versus a bad dog inside of you. And victory is dependent upon which dog you feed. You feed the good dog, the holy nature in you, then the good dog wins. But if you feed the bad dog, the sinful nature, then it will win and you will walk in defeat.

The result of this belief, other than making Christians out to be schizophrenic with multiple personalities, it leaves Christians with the basic idea that there is something fundamentally wrong with them, and that they need to now control these evil desires, often subduing them with rules, prohibitions, and formulas on how to live. In other words, we begin to try and live this New Covenant life with an Old Covenant mindset of legalistic laws.

Using Galatians chapter 5 and verse 16 until verse 18 our speaker Ross Gilbert will show who the Christian is, and who we are fighting against.

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A Father's Discipline - Hebrews 12:1-11

The relationship between a father and a child is very precious. It is often the most influential relationship a person has in their entire life. This is never more evident than when a father is absent from the child's life for any reason. Father's play an irreplaceable role as they help lead their child into becoming a mature, healthy and whole member of society.

This message from Hebrews 12:1-11, Ross Gilbert explores how our loving Heavenly Father brings His children to experience and share His life and holiness.

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How Did Jesus Live the Christian Life?

Have you ever wondered how Jesus lived the life He did? How He performed the miracles? Loved His enemies? This is a crucial question, because before we can learn how we are to live, first we need to discover how Jesus lived.

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New Wine in New Wineskins - Luke 5:36-39

Is Christianity just a more powerful version of Judaism? Where now that we have been forgiven we now have power to fulfill the Law in a way that the Jews never could? Or is the New Covenant a wholly new system, with a new way to live that is separate from the Old Covenant?

Listen to the message below by Ross Gilbert as we examine the familiar parable of Jesus of the old and new wineskins and what it teaches us of these two very different covenants.

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Experiencing the Rest of God

Jesus invites us to experience rest. What does this mean? How do we enter into this rest?

Listen to a message that is a part of our Hebrews Part 1 study to learn how to work from resting in Jesus.

For more messages from this series please check out our resources for purchase webpage.

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Community of Grace

In a world where everything is virtually online, do we need to continue to meet as a church? Is there any point of gathering on Sunday mornings, or any other time for that matter? What does a community of grace look like?

Join Ross Gilbert in this six-part series as he examines what a community of grace could look like where Jesus is the focus, and love is the result.

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